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Postby Quack Addict » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:41 am

Leaving the details of the transaction up in case anyone wants to reference pricing on a future ad.


Picked this stuff up for my 450 but ended up developing a good hunting load in my rifle before getting too far into these.

275gr Barnes TSX (#30628) - these are the 450 Bushmaster bullets with 2 pressure grooves
3 full boxes of 20 (60 projectiles)

275gr COP (Copper Only Projectiles) meant for 460 S&W
2 full bags of 25 (50 projectiles)
Not sure if these are in production any longer. They are pretty much a knock-off of the Barnes 275s listed above but with 3 pressure grooves.

300gr Sierra Jacketed Soft Points (#8830)
1 full box of 50 + about 40 in a partial box (90ish projectiles)

Looking to sell these as a single lot at this time.
or $100 face to face
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Re: F/S: Barnes 275gr TSXs, 275gr COPs, Sierra 300gr JSPs $1

Postby Hoot » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:27 pm

Hoot's opinion: This is a good deal. Not a wear a black mask over your eyes and run from the scene deal, but a good deal nonetheless. Image

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