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450BM Upper For Sale, or Complete Rifle

PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:32 pm
by papajohn
I have a Bushmaster 450 upper for sale, it has one of Ross's awesome muzzle brakes attached, comes with three Bushmaster magazines, and I'll throw in a box of Hornady ammo, a set of Hornady dies, and all the brass I have on hand,, which comes to several hundred pieces, most loaded twice. I also have around a hundred Hornady 200-grain FTX bullets I'll toss in.

I have had the gun about five years, shot it little, other projects always ate up my time, and I don't hunt, so it was a low-priority gun. It is far more accurate than I am, and the muzzle brake makes an enjoyable difference, but I don't get range time like I once did.

As is without the lower and scope, I'm asking $550. The upper alone was $700, plus mags and brass and and dies and bullets. If you'd rather just have the whole gun with a nice Nikon 4x12 Buckmasters BDC scope and a PSA lower with a decent no-name trigger, I'll sell the package for $750. I don't like losing so much money on guns, but doctor bills are piling up and I just don't have time for this one any more.

You can reach me here or at

Thanks for looking! I HATE selling guns, but life happens. Photos available on request.