Lleupold for 450 bushmaster

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Lleupold for 450 bushmaster

Postby Twofour » Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:58 pm

Leupold ultimateslam scope 3-9x40mm #113789 $240
Comes with box and paper work
Excellent scope for my 308 and 450 Bushmaster,Shotgun and muzzleloader
Mounted in signature rings plastic inserts. Just range time
The Multi-coat 4® lens system delivers extreme clarity from edge to edge of the visual field, outstanding contrast, and a bright sight picture even in extreme low-light conditio
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Re: Lleupold for 450 bushmaster

Postby Hoot » Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:09 am

For any non-members viewing this ad.

We normally prefer for new members to have been around long enough for us to get to know them, before they put items up for sale. Most forums have a mandate for a minimum post count, before you can sell on them. For whatever reason, Mudbug did not set this forum up that way.

So, while this looks to me like a reasonable deal, (assuming it includes the rings), I would encourage any potential buyer to establish a rapport with the seller to feel him out, prior to sending him money. No slam to you Twofour. It just needed saying.

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Follow Up: Twofour is an active member on other well known forums.
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