2012 Special Hunt Permit Anterless Deer

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2012 Special Hunt Permit Anterless Deer

Postby CorpDavid » Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:29 pm

Here are some pictures that I took last January 2012 during the Texas Lottery Special Permit Anterless Deer Hunt at Richland Chambers North Unit. It was a 3 day hunt, but I only got 1 Doe . I called her Eyeless, and she's not blinking .
She went down by my 450 Thumper, Remington 260Gr Green ACCUTip.
Here is the hole in my ground blind when I shot thru it.
Funny story, I had my video recorder with me. I was going to make a video about the shot, like you see on TV.
But, I had forgotten to charge the battery, and the camera died after two seconds. So all that is on the video is
"I just shot a doe".
Well I always heard to "wait after shooting a deer" as to not spook them and they will keep running wounded. So I ate my dry cereal after my effort at making a video. Then I saw 2 vultures land in the field right where the doe was when I shot her. I thought that was wierd. Maybe they were tracking her blood trail for me. :lol:
I leaned forward to see out the blind window, and there was at least 50 vultures circling over the trees maybe 10 yards in the trees where she went down. :o
I grabbed my 450 rifle and jumped out of the blind and ran over to the tree line. There she was with 1 vulture on her head chowing down on her eye. Hence, Eyeless.
Later at the check-in station the guys there told me I didnt have to wait so long to retrieve her. Especially after being hit with THUMPER. :D
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Re: 2012 Special Hunt Permit Anterless Deer

Postby Al in Mi » Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:04 am

nice shot, that left a hole for sure!!
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