2011 Deer Report

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Re: 2011 Deer Report

Postby wildcatter » Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:23 pm

I guess I can't add much that hasn't been said already. My only question is.."can you still pick your nose"? If ya can I won't worry to much about your condition.

But I will say, that this is one of the better hunting stories and for me, anyways, qualifies as an entrant, into our little hunting contest, as far as I'm concerned.

Stay off the knee and eat a bunch of those pain meds. Even though they don't seem to help much, about three AM your going to wish you loaded up..


Ps.. I just walked in from the lab. When we turned off the lights, I was the first one out of the door and sure enough there were two deer, just under the stairway (The lab is about 30 or so feet in the air and the stairway has about thirty five steps in them.). Yup, some guys go hunting, to find deer and others have the deer looking for them..t
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Re: 2011 Deer Report

Postby Ghost Dog » Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:38 pm

Take care.
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Re: 2011 Deer Report

Postby Hoot » Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:07 pm

Well, the "over the hill gang" are back in civilization. I called the clinic while driving home, once I had an idea when we would arrive back in town and my doctor had hours available. Xrays look okay and everything is where it belongs, with no extras floating around. He complimented my "set job" and told me time should heal all. Other than icing it for the next 36 hours whenever I can stand it, until things stop leaking inside should take care of the discoloration. Otherwise, no special treatments. As for my knee, I had damaged both meniscus' back in High School football to the point where they caught up with me in the mid-80s and I had arthroscopic surgery to flush out the chunks and clip off some loose "bucket handle tears". My doctor examined the knee in terms of motion and looking for any swelling, but found none. Since the pain is only when I stand my weight upon it, he guessed that the side missing the meniscus lip had jumped out and as far as he could tell, it went back in now, where it belongs. Still, the trauma would make me sore for the next week or so. If it doesn't clear up, or starts swelling, I have to go back in. I'm hoping I didn't tear away any more meniscus than I've already lost.

Julie had a cow though! OMG, all she could go on about was how I hadn't gotten the mowers winterized, the snow blower tuned up, the last pass of the leaves done and "Now it's November!" ...and how was she supposed to park her car in the garage with the big box from the garage door I had to repair just before leaving still sitting in there on saw horses? and and and!!!

I thanked her for her concern for me. :roll:

And I thought I had left the wilderness and come back to civilization... :(

On a positive note. I had emailed my friend who turned me onto the place we hunt, about what had transpired, as he wanted me to let him know how we did during the week. He and his two boys (envy) only come up the three weekends of the season as one's in college and the other is on the HS basketball team (envy). Anyway, he called me this evening and told me he had bonus tags for the three of them and knew how I liked to eat venison for my lunch each day at work. So, he asked me if I wanted him to take a big doe for me if they come out of hiding now that the storm has moved east? I thanked him and said I couldn't process it with my bad hand. (We both process our own deer). He offered to process it for me too. Whatta' pal! I told him if it got to the end and they still had any unfilled permits, that I would sure appreciate it, but not to feel obligated. If I know Jim, he'll show up with a couple of coolers full some time between this coming Saturday and when the season goes out on the 20th. He's just that kind of guy. I do tune up all three of his Remington 742's each season for free and sight in the occasional scope change, even loaded two boxes of Federal Fusion knock-offs for him, for the cost of materials only, so in a way, we "wash each others backs".

Hopefully he and the boys don't get skunked as well. I doubt it as the weather should improve and the DNR has proclaimed the deer will be in full rut by tomorrow night, just in time for them this weekend. The deer sure weren't turned on this past week. They were too busy being hunkered down under the gale that went through. Just my Dad's and my bad luck that we booked our motel for this past week, or we would have given up as soon as we learned of the weather pattern that was starting last Saturday. Ya' pays ya' money and ya' takes ya' chances.

Not sure how long Dad will stick around now that the gig is up. He kinda wakes up one morning and decides to head back to Baltimore. On the drive home, he told me he was sorry for taking up most of my two weeks of vacation, with taking care of him and despite the outcome, how great a time he had. Boy he is still as unpredictable as "the weather in May". Made me feel pretty small for feeling (secretly) resentful of having to wait on him hand and foot each day. When he forgets to be an angry old man, he's almost tolerable. You know what they say about "like forces"... ;)

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Re: 2011 Deer Report

Postby kottke_35 » Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:22 am

Well Hoot, I'm glad to hear that you are doing ok. I had an interesting hunting season a well. Keep on the road to recovery my friend.

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