Vortex 4-1 with VMR-1 reticle for multi role 450?

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Vortex 4-1 with VMR-1 reticle for multi role 450?

Postby 07Kingpin » Sun May 17, 2020 5:36 pm

Built a 450 off a Savage bolt action platform with a 1:16 barreel for shooting heavy cast bullets.

Will eventually like to have 2 basic loads for this rifle, a havy subsonic round for target shooting and occasional pest control and a full bore load for hunting.

Am currently running a 3-9 I had kicking around and rifle groups great with the factory ammo I have shot while setting up to cast.

This is the scope I am considering:



Have had great success with Vortex in the past, mostly their PST series on hunting/prs rifles.
Power range, dial down to 4x for hunting but can use 12x for load development. Seems like a good fit for the ballistics of the 450.
Non AO parallax, not necessary for hunting at 450 ranges and one less thing to go wrong.
Reticle, like that I can dial in for one load, know what my hold overs will be at various ranges and also know what hold overs for the other load will be with a simple cheat sheet.
Adjustment, 70 MOA should get me out farther than I'll be hunting easily.

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Re: Vortex 4-1 with VMR-1 reticle for multi role 450?

Postby Al in Mi » Wed May 20, 2020 6:06 pm

looks like it should work !!
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