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Re: ATN x sight 2

Postby earlwb » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:11 am

I mounted one of the ATN X-Sight II units onto my Bushmaster rifle. I and going pig hunting soon and the piggies are nocturnal, so it figures you want to hunt them at night. Anyway it has more features than I know what to do with so far. Wifi, GPS, range finding, ballistics and advising you on how much to hold over etc. The recoil activated video is pretty neat too. You don't need to fret over pushing the record button, etc. But everything seems Ok with it though. I didn't have any problems with it. Before I mounted it I was outside at night playing around with it and I was quite pleasantly surprised as to how well it worked in the dark, with and without the IR flashlight being on. If it is relatively bright outside, with stars and the moon out, you just about don't need the IR flashlight. But the flashlight does light up the shadowed areas though. Getting it focused was quite easy too, even with me wearing glasses. I do like the way they sight the scope in or zero it. One could do a quick one shot zero if they do it carefully.

One thing though, is when you take it away from your eye, that eye is seeing pitch black for a short while until night vision catches up with the eye. So you'll be blind in one eye momentarily.

I think it could have used an offset rail mount. So that you could move it back a little farther as needed. With some rifles you have not be able to get it back far enough to work just right. Also the rail mount is a little short in length. With some rifles, they have a split rail mount setup and you can't cross the gap with the short mount on the scope. So if they make a full length one piece rail mount, you would need to get one for those rifles. I was going to put it on my .308 Win Bolt rifle, but the split two piece mount rails are too far apart. So the scope is now on my Bushmaster rifle instead.

They aren't too far off from having the scope automatically adjust your hold over for the range determined to the target. Right now it isn't quite there, but it can assist you a lot though. Maybe in the next version they come out with.
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