Anyone using a Vortex Strike Eagle

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Anyone using a Vortex Strike Eagle

Postby PJames » Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:46 am

I am using one and will be testing it out on the 450BM. I really liked it on my 6.5 Grendel. Not sure how the bdc will workout. It's a little heavy though and was thinking about the 1x4 leupold hog plex or a2x7 leupold LR.
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Re: Anyone using a Vortex Strike Eagle

Postby kingfisher2 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:45 pm

I am using one on my Blackout, works great, bought because it's a local company(Wisconsin based) to me and it's warranty is hands down one of the best! Still putting together my 450, and the jury is still out on what I will use.

On a side note...Vortex just announced a 1-8 Strike Eagle! I may get that!
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Re: Anyone using a Vortex Strike Eagle

Postby Ridley » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:37 pm

I have a 1-6x and the 1-8x. They should work good for the 450. They have held up to the FN SCAR17's weird recoil. The 1-8x has a nicer reticle IMO.

The eyebox gets a little tight at max mag on either.

The only other thing I can say about them is they aren't very good in low light with the small objective. Other than those two small issues, I like them and still use them. One lives on a 300 blackout and the other on a .223 after a short stint on the SCAR for both of them.
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Re: Anyone using a Vortex Strike Eagle

Postby mcb » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:50 am

I have a Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44 on my 450BM. My only complaint is after the second shooting session the Vortex Sport Cantilever 30mm Mount I used to mount it had come a bit loose and let the scope slide forward a bit. I took it off cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol and torqued everything, so far the scope has not moved anymore. The scope it self is great. I sighted in for 100 yards and recalculate the BDC reticle for my bullet/velocity and glued that to the inside of the flip up cover.
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