VX Freedom CDS 450 BM mount issue

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VX Freedom CDS 450 BM mount issue

Postby BobbyJ » Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:45 am

I have a new Stainless Ruger Scout 450 + VX Freedom 3-9 x 40mm scope.

The gun groups well at 100, under 1" but I am having issues with the ring bases shifting. The screws loosed after 3 shots and would not stay tight no matter how much torque (up to 38inbs) so did a locktite number on them. Got it it zeroed again at 100 left the range came back a week later and found my POI had changed again.

The base screws did not loosen this time but I think they settled in the slots some. Without loosening the base mounts I loosened the rings and the rear ring moved back like 1/8-1/16", I could see a ring line on the scope where the ring was. So the rear mount was tilted a tiny bit towards the front of the scope. So i re-tightened and have yet to go back. Maybe Its good now that its settled but I don't quite trust it and deer season almost here.

I ordered a rail but I think that was a mistake, its higher and will have to mount scope 1/2" higher to clear the 40mm objective. Plus its not steel like the built in Ruger rear mounts, its aluminum with no mount screw over the receiver, just one in the back, heard these flex some because of this.

A rail would give more options for different scopes which I really don't care about, I'm happy with the current mounting location just not happy with Ruger Rings.

Someone mentioned maybe getting a tapped 2 piece mount for it. Leupold makes them not sure if they do for the two different height requirment of the GSRs rear mounts.

I do not want to mount my current scope any higher than it is. What other options do I have? Can these Ruger rings be tamed? Or is the 450 BM just to hard hitting for them?


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Re: VX Freedom CDS 450 BM mount issue

Postby Al in Mi » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:36 am

try a set of Warne rings.

My 500AIMM is on a 77 and had same issue with the factory rings, looked at one of those mounts and decided to try the Warnes first. Zippo problems since.
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Re: VX Freedom CDS 450 BM mount issue

Postby BobbyJ » Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:58 pm

I think I got the factory rings to seat in. So far they seem solid. I sent the rail back as it raised the scope up 1/2" over factory.

Bagged a deer at 150 with it. VX freedom is a nice scope for the 450BM really all you need out to 200 yards.
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Re: VX Freedom CDS 450 BM mount issue

Postby cljohnson24 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 12:09 pm

I"ve had Ruger rings do that each and every time I've used them since mid 80"s..for some reason I keep talking myself into thinking the next Ruger won't have that issue from all the guys who swear theirs hold perfectly....
I won't buy another setup which has to use them ever again especially Handguns. A lot of the new Rugers are are now tapped as well for regular bases so you can work around that proprietary over-priced junk.
If they were so great of a design, I wonder why nobody has remotely followed suit..lol
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