Mag and feeding problems

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Re: Mag and feeding problems

Postby Hoot » Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:48 pm

Welcome aboard sparkie! I can't hear that now and not think of Ron White. :lol:

I do not own, nor use polymer mags, but I'm quick to repeat what others have said: Don't store them too long, fully loaded, so as not to put too much strain on the lips, lest their spacing slowly get loose. Sorry to hear about you experiencing feed problems with metal, single stack mags. Most seem to be hit or miss without a little tweaking as discussed ad infinitum in this thread.

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Re: Mag and feeding problems

Postby Jim in Houston » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:43 pm

sparkie259 wrote:I'm new here and also to the 450B. I just put mine together. It seems the big issue with it is with magazines and feeding them. I''ve seen a lot of chatter on using single stack followers in 223 mags. I tried that and it didn't work that great for me. There were cycling issues and LRH didn't work. Last night I was working on another AR and picked up the magazine and figured I just give it a try. It was a Lancer L5AWN 20 round 223 mag. With no mods to the mags I was able to load 6 rounds. Just got back from the range and they worked great. No cycling issues and LRH worked just fine. I was using factory Hornady FTX bullets.Maybe this has been tried by someone else but I either didn't see the thread. Maybe I just missed it. Either way I just wanted to throw this out to the group.

Whenever someone is looking for mags, I always recommend trying a standard .223 / 5.56 mag (not necessarily polymer, but whatever you have laying around) before beginning an exotic magazine search. I have found they work almost all the time, even with the double stack follower.
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