Batrz Manufacturing for 450B and others...

Talk about the AR15 style rifles chambered in 450 Bushmaster.

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Batrz Manufacturing for 450B and others...

Postby commander faschisto » Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:37 pm

You should check out the new website for Bartz Manufacturing if you're interested in buying an upper/lower for an AR build, instead of putting all the parts together from scratch. I have heard really good things about the quality of their work and materials they use for their assemblies. Their 450b uppers look to be very well-thought out with every part optimized for real hunting use. Their website is just getting up and running, so I would recommend contacting them directly to see what they've got in the works as far as hardware goes.

They also have developed their own AR round, the .257 Bartz, which sounds like a winner in a diameter that should be perfect for the AR platform and for reloading purposes, with lots of boolits and styles available from all the manufacturers. They have info on dies and brass, etc. This one may tempt me seriously...

Here's a link to their website:
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