My Tromix is a shooter!

Talk about the AR15 style rifles chambered in 450 Bushmaster.

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My Tromix is a shooter!

Postby giannid » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:51 pm

Last week I ordered a 450 Barrel, upper, gas block, bolt, carrier and Midwest rail from Jess at Tromix and put it all together on Saturday. Loaded up some rounds from minimum to maximum charge from reloading Data I got from Hodgon. Finally got a chance to go to the range and I must say I'm pretty happy with the way this thing shoots. Five out of six are under 2 inches at 200 yards. Honestly, I'm impressed for a straight wall rifle. This is the first year Ohio is letting us deer hunt with a 450 Bushmaster. Definitely will be putting up my 444 Marlin Encore for sale now that I can hunt with this. I was using a Bartz 7 round magazine I purchased for it. Out of over 50 rounds fired I did have two malfunctions, one where it Jammed and another I had to use the forward assist. I took it all apart, cleaned and lubed everything up and will see if I have any other problems with it. Using this upper with a colt 6920 I've had for years that's always functioned flawless. I'm not sure if the mag is causing the problem or not as it's definitely cut different than a regular AR magazine.
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Re: My Tromix is a shooter!

Postby Texas Sheepdawg » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:20 pm

You may have to run it kinda wet until it breaks in. But you also may want to see if there's too much spring in the magazine.
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