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Talk about the AR15 style rifles chambered in 450 Bushmaster.

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Postby wild_weasel » Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:29 am

Bmt85 wrote:
Texas Sheepdawg wrote:Welcome. You’ll find another accuracy node around 39.5 grains of LilGun if you use the LeGendre side crimp. Take a moment and check out my range reports. Although I would not advise going above 40.0 grains of LilGun, like I did. They have plenty of killing power at 40.0 grains of LilGun.

Just double checking your numbers Sheepdawg. I seem to remember I needed at least 40gr of Lilgun in my 16" Bushmaster factory upper, just to stop hangfires. And I think at least 36 or 38gr of Lilgun in my Tromix. That's using .451 bullets, and having no pressure signs. Although, you mentioned the Side crimp, which I don't do on the pistol bullets.

I experienced no hangfires with my Hornady 230gr FMJ, Starline brass, CCI #41 srp, 37gr Lil'Gun, loads using a Lee 450B Factory crimp die adjusted per the Lee instructions. Given the light weight of my 450B rig my latest order to MidwayUSA included a PAST Mag Plus Ambidextrous Recoil Pad Shield . Sadly I live in California, it used to be a great state, where there is pending legislation to ban mail order purchases of gun parts, so I shot off an order to Windham for another 450B magazine an spare bolt assembly.

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