ATI 450 Bushmastter anyone try one?

Talk about the AR15 style rifles chambered in 450 Bushmaster.

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ATI 450 Bushmastter anyone try one?

Postby aboxman » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:48 am

I have a GLFA upper and am very happy with it, but I've been seeing the new ATI 450 for incredibly cheap. Like $440 for a compete AR cheap.

I've scoured the web, but haven't seen one review. Anybody use one?
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Re: ATI 450 Bushmastter anyone try one?

Postby Talon_ » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:34 pm

I bought one about three weeks ago and have around 200 rounds through it. It’s running good with descent accuracy. I now have more money in accessories than the rifle cost. Image
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Re: ATI 450 Bushmastter anyone try one?

Postby lazyhunter » Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:15 pm

I purchased this ATI rifle from cheaperthandirt. It's my first firearm and I'm obviously a newbie shooter - I didn't have time to build a collection since I wanted to hunt in Michigan this season (coming from East Coast). When we were sighting in the scope, I had a few jams. I had read about the magazine and the feeding issue on this forum so I wanted to dig a bit further, but I got confused because the manual for lower and the magazine both refer to .410 GA. So I called ATI, and they said .410 GA performed better with less issues so that's what they use in this production (though they went back and forth apparently). I asked if it would accept third-party magazines that were designed for 450 BM, and the customer service said yes, so that's what I will try, to see if that will solve the feeding issue. In my hunter education class, they always stressed about using the right ammo, and it's a bit unnerving for me to be loading 450 BM on 410 GA... And to be honest, pictures of 450BM magazines (from this forum and online) is definitely different than the magazine that i have, and some portion of the magazine is already wearing out due to the fatness of the 450 BM rounds... As for feeding issues, I will report back after I have more rounds and the firearm has been broken in... Do you guys see any issues with getting a third-party magazine like this one? ... S&CartID=1
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Re: ATI 450 Bushmastter anyone try one?

Postby Bmt85 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:39 am

They probably threw the 410 mag in there to save money and carry one less item. I have no clue how their mags are, but honestly, I would run something else. You have a lot options for 450b mags. One thing, though, chances are you going to want to tweak the feed lips. I have a couple different manufacturers 450b mags, and some converted 5.56 mags. I tweaked everyone, and they run without a problem. For me, I tweak them so the cartridge is slightly pointing up. Most have them are pointing straight, which looks like it could smack into the lower receiver-barrel connection, which some people have had. I also pull the ends of feed lips up a touch. My original 450 mag did this, so I do it on all of them, and they don’t seem to have issues.

-ASC mags are good, I have a couple. Will probably end up getting a couple more.
-I have a couple factory bushmasters that work just fine.
-Bartz (now Brenton USA) mags are suppose to be the best from what I hear, but I haven’t tried them, yet. Will probably pick up a couple of these as well. Don’t know if they offer a 9rd, though. I think it’s just 5 and 7 rd, which5 is all I need for hunting.
-There is a poly mag for 5.56 that works, I think it’s Sig. they aren’t available very often.
-Converted 5.56 mags need to be tweeted quite a bit, and most people run a single shot follower in them. I played with a couple extra 5.56 mags I had and got them to run without a single shot follower. They work, but honestly I prefer 450specific mags.
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