Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

I know of one so far, let's see if more show up.

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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby Moore77 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:33 pm

Thanks to those that posted input on the 16" Ranch and the 22" Gone Wild Camo. I finally got to put my hands on both guns and I couldn't put the Ranch Rifle down. I believe it will be very beneficial for the areas I hunt. I will remove the scope rail and loc-tite all of the screws along with doing the same for the the rings.
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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby Al in Mi » Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:36 pm

Been eyeing one of those up for a heavy cast bullet shooter for a summer project.
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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby Dancing Bear » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:50 pm

Been lurking here for a long time here, but my first post.
Been hunting whitetail with a Ruger American 16" with a Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20mm Patrol Rifle Scope, FireDot for 2 years now and had one issue.
Just as a normal practice I did remove the rail and Locktited it in from the get go.
Light weight, short barrel, kills deer.
The one issue was the irregular picatiney (sp) rail. Would not accommodate a one piece mount.
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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby Moore77 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:36 am

Dancing Bear , Thanks for the feedback. I would really like to put a Leupold VX6 1 x 6 on it but the funds just don't accommodate a $1000 + optic. I have a Nikon Monarch 2.5 x 10 x 42 BDC that I'm going to install. It should be ok , I'll just have to keep it dialed down in the woods.
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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby Tripplebeards » Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:02 am

If it were me I wouldn’t buy ...don’t get me wrong I loved the looks and feel of my 16 inch American but it went back to the factory five times for repair until they replaced it for a scout which I’m waiting for. The Americans probably a great gun if you’re just gonna shoot a few boxes of factory FTX rounds through it but anything else I tried wouldn’t feed properly in my gun without reshaping the magazine feed ramps. The scope rail need to be bedded down and adhesive applied inside the rings or they will keep coming loose shifting your optic backwards FYI. I probably put 2 to 300 rounds through my gun and after every range session something came loose or broke. Maybe I have a lemon or pushed it too hard with a few hot loads. IMO The metal that they use for The action of this gun is too soft of an alloy along with the plastic magazines in stock. Nothing mention I had my magazine falling out when firing. I know I hate those cheap plastic magazines. It makes me feel like I’m shooting a Nerf gun with a lot of recoil. Imo it’s a cool looking, made to be affordable, cheep disposable gun. After my experience I will never buy another American unless it’s a rimfire. Nothing against Ruger at least they gave it a try (and made it very accurate)and do offer the scout model which is built like a Sherman tank to take a beating. From the reviews I read in savage owners here I don’t think they’re having any better luck. I’m not a big fan of single shots but I almost grabbed the Ruger number one instead just because I know that things built like a tank as well but I don’t like the 450 bushmaster around that much To Deal with it as a single shot. In that case I grabbed a 460 S and W. I’m sure once my new scout arrives I’ll be a lot less my two year review and my headache is now gone thank God! It is the worst gun I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had a gun that kept falling apart nonstop every time I shot it accept for this one. Everything was replaced from Ruger on it except for the barrel action and bolt. When I went back a week ago they said the action and bolts needed to be replaced. Extractor was failing to extract. They were good enough to send me a new extractor parts and install them and it didn’t fix the issue and they figured the hole was hide out where the spring sat. After I sent it in for repair last time they missed this along with the bolt stop pin which fell out when I cycled the bolt after I took it out of the action to clean it once it came back from the service. They did send me a new bolt stop pin but it fit loose not in the whole again and I wasn’t comfortable with it and neither was Ruger. I have to say Ruger stepped up to the plate and took care of me every time. I did have to pay for return shipping the time before last as well but since They missed the last two issues they send a call tag a few weeks ago. I did ask for a replacement the time before last through and I don’t know why they just didn’t replace the gun to begin with another American. I still think it’s a great gun and concept they just need to Stiffen everything up On the gun before it leaves the factory along with gluing down the mounts and replacing that cheesy magazine with an AR type. My scope rail barely had any contact with my action. The mating of it was horrible, just the edges touched so I understand why it kept coming loose.

Just like Ruger said I’m sure the average person will never experience the problems I did as the average American 450BM owner probably won’t put more than 3 to 4 boxes of ammo through their gun in their entire lifetime. I was told directly from a Ruger tech that these guns weren’t made for target practice and plinking several rounds through it and they were going to come apart with use like mine did. Explains why they were so eager to send me a nonstop part supply through the mail without any questions asked at no charge.

I’m sure over time the manufacturers will work out the bugs on their economy 450 BM bolt rifles. It’s basically been two years now since the big hype started and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had problems I’m probably just the only one whining on the Internet about it. IMO The 450 bushmaster run the American was a great idea with cheap, mass produced economy gun rushed production to full fill a niche/rush for the straight wall pistol caliber in Michigan and Iowa. Now the two years time has gone by other manufacturers of jumped in to the game. If I didn’t get my hands on a scout I probably would’ve grabbed a Berga to try because I don’t think before 50 p.m. is going to hold up in any economy gun long term whether it’s Ruger Mossberg savage or Remington. They all are in the game now with a cheap plastic disposable gun which is sad. The quality of firearms have gone way down to compete for a cheap mass produced price leader that they can make a quick buck on. I’m sure they have probably lost money and all the parts they sent me throughout the years or at least broke even.
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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby bhemry » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:22 pm

Edited to say, oops. Didn’t see that you had already made your decision before I posted this. Well, since I already typed it all out and submitted it, I’ll just leave it for future reference.

22” without a doubt. In fact, I used the 16” braked one the last two seasons, but bought a 22” unported stainless model last January for this year.

My reasons are:
1.) Too hard to get the short, ported barrel out of the blind for a shot. That left my ear ringing for a day the first year (one shot) and a week last year (three shots). Didn’t have time to grab the muffs either time, but I did kill both deer. I’m thinking putting the blast 6” farther out will help.

2.) Balance. The 16” model is way too muzzle light for me.

3.) May not be an issue for anyone else, and I hesitate to mention this but.. in hiking sidehill up the hill thru the woods with my 16" model, I slipped a little and found myself accidentally sweeping my left hand with the muzzle while catching my balance. (Notice I didn’t say there was a round in the chamber.) I’ve never done that before, but my 20” 870 was my shortest barrel long gun previously. It gave me chills.
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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby Tripplebeards » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:03 am

I received my scout today it doesn’t cycle cast bullets either... that is without arm wrestling the bolt back-and-forth and chewing up the bullet. It’s going to be on a steady diet of FTX bullets. I don’t believe the 450 bushmaster bolt actions art design for anything except for pointed bullets to reliably cycle. I hope the manufactures never stop making pointed type bullets because there’s gonna be a lot of upset people that own these rifles.
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Re: Ruger Ranch 16" vs American 2 2" 4 50 Bushmaster

Postby Thom28 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:22 pm

I have had a scout for 3 years and have never had a problem chambering Hornady 240 and 300gr XTP, Hornady Interlock 265gr Interlock, Speer Deep Curls, Sierra 240gr JHC &300gr JSP. None of these bullets are what you would call "pointed bullets".
These handloads also chamber fine in the Mossberg Patriot walnut and Savage 110 Wolverine.
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