Ruger American Ranch Rifle

I know of one so far, let's see if more show up.

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Ruger American Ranch Rifle

Postby Kiwi Greg » Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:02 pm

I recently got this to see how quiet I could get subsonic ammo


It was quieter than offers I've made with 12" barrels but not really quiet enough for one job I need it for so built a 22" Model Seven which is much quieter 8-)

I wanted to use it for a muzzle brake test so shot some Hornady 250 FTX ammunition through it to get the velocities, I was very impressed with its accuracy :D


Here is the video I made, its difficult to reduce the recoil a lot with the 450 & its heavy slow projectile especially with the small amount of powder it uses.

I have shot a few animals with it using the Cutting Edge & Lehigh pistol/subsonic projectiles, it works extremely well, a big step up from the 30 cal 8-)
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Re: Ruger American Ranch Rifle

Postby cwlongshot » Wed Sep 16, 2020 12:31 pm

Good stuff!!!

I "hate" Brakes for the blast and noise they create. Im running a KAW Valley Linear Comp.

My "super" load is a load of aa9 and a 260g HP from Barnes @ 2350 fps. (Warm load)
My hunting load is my cast Lyman 457122 Gould 330g HP and 5744 powder at 1600 ish fps
My sub load is a 457121 Bullet cast 20:1 running 450grs ontop of some Herco for 1170 fps and 1010 fpe.

ALL loads ahoot very well. The Super is sub 1" @ 100 the Gould is under 2" @ 100 and the sub is under 3" @ 100 but mostly touching @ 50!

Ruger american 16"

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Re: Ruger American Ranch Rifle

Postby 07Kingpin » Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:45 pm

Good shooting.

I've been using 400gr cast bullet over TB, getting 1000fps with single digit SDs. Accuracy is good and it is very, very quiet.
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