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New Member and keen to get a RARR .450 Bushmaster

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:57 pm
by Jacko
G/Day Folks, Jacko signing in for my first Post. I live in Queensland Australia.

A quick background why the .450 Bushmaster Ruger American Ranch Rifle has peaked my attention. We can not have Semi Automatic Firearm's but Bolt, Lever and Pump Rifles are OK at this stage. In Australia you must be licenced to own a Firearm and Firearms are grouped into classifications. You must be able to prove a genuine reason to own each Firearm.

Category A - Rimfires and Shotguns.

Category B - Centrefire Rifles not including semi auto's.

Category C / D Lever Shotgun with greater than 5 Round Magazine, all Semi Auto's and Pump Action Shotgun's - zero chance of being issued a Licence to own these Firearms unless your a Proffesional Shooter. Even then ongoing need to prove genuine reason for ownership and more stringent stargae condition's

Recently there's been plenty of noise from the Anti's to further restrict Law Abiding Firearms Owners and sadly Government is listening to their emotive illogical fear mongering dribble and my 45.70 Lever is under serious threat of being reclassified as a Category C/D Firearms due to Magazine Capacity. It only holds 5 but after their win with greater than 5 Shot Lever Shotguns reclassified to Cat C/D it's a matter of time before they to come after all Firearms with a Magazine Capacity greater than 5. We may well have to surrender non compliant Firearm's with zero compensation. Firearms are registered so there is no hiding or miss placing them without threat of significant Jail time and Fines. Makes no sense to punish Law Abiding Citizens for the Action's of Nutjob's and Criminal's but that's what the Bastards are doing :x

Enter the .450 Bushmaster Ruger American Ranch Rifle. It ticks any number of Boxes for my idea of what a Hunting Rifle should be ! Lightweight, affordable, limited Magazine Capacity so the Anti's might leave it alone for a while [ Grrrrr :evil: ] The .450 Ranch Rifle will not be hitting our Shores for some month's yet, perhaps mid Year but that's fine as it gives me time to save my Pennies for the Rifle and associated goodness such as Reloading Dies, Cases, Cast Bullet Moulds, Scopes, Ring's etc. The main use will be Hunting Pig's Goats and Deer.

Plan at this stage is to fit a Skinner Ruger American Rear Peep and fit a Front Sight Blade, what type and how yet to be decided, that swell to enable the Barrel Thread is unusual. I have a Remington 700 Long Action Weaver Rail I'd like to have modified into a Scout Scope Mount. I had this done with another Rifle I have and it worked out a treat. The Ranch Rifle is screaming out to be given the Scout Rifle treatment. If it pans out I can not modify the Remington 700 Rail due to Barrel Profile, no worries I will fit a Leupold 2.5x20 Scope to keep it as light and well balanced as possible. 200 Yards is a long Shot where and how I Hunt so I'm not worried about being under Scoped.

I plan to shoot mostly 300 grain Cast Bullet's to keep cost's down as we pay at least double what you Folks do for Projectiles. The Bushmasters Case Capacity / Ballistics appear to make for a very good Match with 300 gr Cast Projectiles driven at full noise. I already load another Rifle with Cast Bullets to 2150 fps so I have the right Alloy and Lube on hand. Just need to buy the right diameter Sizing Die and a suitable Mould. I have a Projectile along these lines in mind . It won't be any longer than a 250 gr FTX so I will be able to push it reasonably hard. I need to find out if it will feed from the Magazine and if not, what does ? There's bound to be someone who has tried it, if not I'm sure someone will soon.

I have been scouring this Forum and the Web looking for any and all information and advice. I'm sure I'll be put straight with any fanciful idea's I have

regards Jacko

Re: New Member and keen to get a RARR .450 Bushmaster

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:22 pm
by Jim in Houston
Welcome. I'm sure I'm the first of many you will get.

Thanks for the (bad news) update from Down Under. Always interested in what is going on in the "other world" of gun control.

I've been shooting the stock BM450 for a number of years, and I'm sure you will be pleased with its performance in a bolt action, which seems to be getting more popular here.

Check the forum for cast bullet information. I haven't seen a post on the subject for a long time, but early experiences were not promising. I don't shoot them, so can't comment authoritatively, but gas checks seem to be the problem, if that makes any sense.

Good luck.

Re: New Member and keen to get a RARR .450 Bushmaster

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:26 pm
by Al in Mi
think it was the gas check crossing the gas port, but all new game in a bolt gun!!

Re: New Member and keen to get a RARR .450 Bushmaster

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:50 pm
by Jacko
Morning Folk's, thanks for the Reply's. I have found a lot of useful Cast Bullet Post's on this Forum, a Moderator has gone to the trouble of grouping them together which is very convenient. Cast in an Semi Auto I know zip about but Cast in a Bolt or Lever Action I have plenty of experience with. There is a handful of universal Rules that apply. Them being the Cast Bullet is about 2 thou larger than the Barrel's Groove Diameter, the Alloy and Lube is appropriate for the Bullet's Velocity and a Gas Check is used for Velocity above about 1500 fps all should be good. Of coarse there is more to it with a reasonable Bullet Design and the Rifle's Leade getting along. The dreaded Case Bulge appears to be an issue with the Bushmaster Brass but correct Case Preparation and Bullet Sizing should sort that.

Crimping appears to have received a lot of attention as it should with a Cartridge that Head Spaces on the Case Mouth. I think I will take the Keep It Simple Stupid approach initially and just roll with what the properly adjusted 4 Die Hornady Die Set gives. I am aware of Hornady's incomplete instructions for setting them up. I use the Lee Factory Crimp Die's with the other Calibres I reload and I am very impressed with them. Time will tell if buy another 45.70 FCD and modify it for the .450 BM.

I was in a Gunshop the other Day to check out a few Prices. Without getting to much into Brand's $52 for 50 .458 Dia 300 Gr JHP and $72 for 100 .451 300 Gr JHP Projectiles. I will say that Barnes .458 Projectiles are $2 each and Barnes .451 are $1.50. No Bushmaster Ammo in stock as the Ranch Rifles don't arrive in Country until after June 2017. No .284 Brass in Stock but 6.5x.284 Norma Brass was $154 per 100. I have 2 Bottles of LilGun at $56 per Pound that I use in my .357 Lever. The Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .450 BM will sell for about $850 Au.

regards Jacko

Re: New Member and keen to get a RARR .450 Bushmaster

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:00 pm
by Siringo
Jacko -- I picked one of the RAR in 450 a few weeks ago. I can tell you that they are real tack drivers.

I too plan on shooting cast bullets --- primarily WFN or LFN in the 350 grain range. I have put together some dummy rounds and feeding is not as smooth as I hoped. Overall cartridge length needs to be kept no longer than factory otherwise the cartridge gets pushed up to high and hits the top of the chamber opening. The magazine has plenty of length -- no problem there. The cartridge has a long way to go to get into the chamber. Hornady pointed bullets like the fxt's in 200, 225 and 250 feed flawlessly.

However ------ with the magazine in place, a cartridge can be placed on top of the magazine and it feeds the WFN just fine.

By the way regarding sights ---- this carbine screams for a Burris Fast Fire. I tried a sample out on it and wow is it fast!!! Way better than iron sights.


Re: New Member and keen to get a RARR .450 Bushmaster

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:55 pm
by Jacko
Siringo I appreciate you telling me of your experience with your RARR, in particular the info re Cast Bullet's. Which Bullet Mould are you using thank you ?

I'm a old fashioned Fella and believe Rifles should come with Iron Sight's or at the very least have them as an Option. I may rarely use them but they are a reassuring plus in a Hunting Rifle. I have a quality Holographic Sight that I bought some Years ago and it mounted too high for a decent Cheek Weld. It is not out of the question that I will try it on my RARR when I get it. I do like the Bushnell TRS 25 and similar design Red Dot Sight just wish they could make Red Dot's with a little magnification instead of having to add a magnifier. I am blessed with aging Eye's so long term a Scope is desirable.

regards Jacko

Re: New Member and keen to get a RARR .450 Bushmaster

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:11 pm
by Siringo

I haven't personally cast any, till I determine which is best. I purchase the bullets from "Beartooth Bullets". The mold they use are LBT Molds. Specifically in 45 caliber, LFNGC style in 300 and 340 grains. I should be getting these in a couple of weeks. According to Beartooth Website, these are very accurate bullets out of the 454 Causal. I am leaning towards the 340 grain bullet pushed 1500 to 1700 fps. This would only work in a bolt gun as my experience with cast bullets in the AR were poor.

I did have some left over WFN 250 grain bullets in .455 diameter that I resized to .452. These are not gas check bullets. I shot them over 14 grains of Trail Boss (or thereabouts). It was like shooting a pistol caliber lever gun!!!! Accuracy at 50 yards as what you would expect out of a lever gun too (not spectacular).