Building the Ultimate 450 bushmaster

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Building the Ultimate 450 bushmaster

Postby Ridley » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:15 pm

Hello forum,
I'm going about building the Ultimate, money is no object, 450 bushmaster rifle for something different now that our Ohio laws have changed and for possible media representation. I'm an employee at Short Action Customs, a company many of you might know, and have access to some pretty sweet components. I'm going to detail the build process in this thread over the months long custom build, and look forward to the forums feedback and insight.

First component sourced is a Barlein 5R hand lapped 1:16 416R stainless barrel in our custom profile. Barrel has been on order for right around 6 months, so it's due anytime, so I thought I'd better start this thread. Of course it will be chambered by us at SAC and likely final length at 16.5" to 18". Fluted in some fashion, and QPQ nitrided. I went with a twist a little faster than the normal 1:24. Hopefully this was a good choice, and seems to also be what Ruger settled on. Handloads will be using the 275gr Barns TSX bullets.

The barrel will be for a Desert Tech SRS Covert chassis. I decided to go this route to have the most compact, tree stand/ground blind rifle possible, and also because it will be sporting a Wilson Suppressor and didn't want the length associated with such on a conventional rifle. We have extensive experience with these rifles and produce the only .223 and .300 BO conversions made for these. This one will be getting a few extra touches like DLC coated raceway and bolt, after some extensive massaging, as well as custom cerakote. I love the Desert Tech platform, and it's quick change barrel system, that will allow this rifle to go from .223 to .338 lapua mag in a matter of a couple minutes and this somewhat helps justify the cost of this project.

Feeding has already been proven in our house test chassis and magazines, and 450 bushmaster is super SMOOTH in this action with some magazine modifications.

Not sure on glass yet. Leaning towards Swaro Z8i 2.3-18x 56mm as this is a phenominal low light hunting scope and will also give us the magnification for some steel plate shenanigans usually associated with our other precision rifle calibers. But, this is a long ways off, as this build will not be quick.

I know building a 450 bushmaster at this expense is rather silly, and that all the cheaper options will kill deer just as dead. We are just looking to have a little fun, build something unique, and post of some pictures of the build for everyone's fun and enjoyment full realizing this may be the only one we ever build because of the expense, and see what kind of accuracy is possible for these with a premium barrel. I hope you all enjoy, and look forward to some pictures very soon!!
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Re: Building the Ultimate 450 bushmaster

Postby Texas Sheepdawg » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:43 am

Cool beans! Welcome to the forum and be sure to make some You Tube videos too!
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Re: Building the Ultimate 450 bushmaster

Postby Al in Mi » Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:04 am

that 275gr TSX in my 10t Ruger #1 is amazing over a big dose of 300MP and seated out 2.410ish oal.
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Re: Building the Ultimate 450 bushmaster

Postby earlwb » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:20 am

This sounds great. Do post some pics and or videos.

Of course if you plan on pig hunting, maybe a nice night vision scope is in order for the rifle too.
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