Trigger Question

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Trigger Question

Postby ENCORE » Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:12 pm

Info: .450 UF Game Breaker.... HS Precision, full aluminum bedding block.

The rifle came with the XMark Pro trigger, which I never liked. The Ultimate muzzleloader I have, also came with the XMark Pro trigger, which I never liked, to which I replaced it with a Timney 512. After a couple years of shooting the Timney, I decided to switch the muzzleloader trigger to a Jewell.

That said, I was playing around and figured I may as well install the Timney on the .450 Game Breaker. No big deal with the Remington 700 action. So it sat in the safe for quite some time, and after discussing the .450 Bushmaster with another, I decided to get it out and send a few rounds.

First two rounds at 100yds went perfect, which you could completely cover both bullet holes with a dime. Then I noticed immediately that the after those two rounds, that when I extracted a spent case, the bolt would not stay cocked without first placing the rifle on safe. I checked the function with it off safe with no round in the chamber and found that it would not remain in the cocked position with the safety off. Next thing I noticed, was that the trigger pull increased quite a bit.

Left the shooting bench for the house and examined the rifle completely, looking for any place that might be binding that trigger. Now this trigger worked perfectly on the muzzleloader and the trigger pull remained constant. I could NOT find a single place where the trigger assembly did not have clearance to the bedding block. I removed the stock and the trigger functioned perfectly. I reinstalled the stock and torqued the screws and the action and trigger functioned perfectly, so I headed back out to the range.

First two shots identical to the other shots, then after ejecting the spent case, I closed the bolt (clear chamber) and the bolt would not remain cocked. If I put the safety to the ON position, the bolt WOULD remain cocked and not break when the bolt was opened and closed. The trigger pull also increased. So back into the house and the bench again. I can safely say I examined that trigger assembly for at least an hour and I can not find what's binding that trigger. Remove the stock and the trigger functions perfectly. Reinstall the stock and the trigger functions perfectly, until two more rounds are fired.

My shooting at that point was over. After getting the rifle back on the bench again, another thorough examination and still, I can not find an area or spot that might be causing that trigger to bind up after just two shots. The recoil lug is firmly planted in the proper position and the pillars line up PERFECT. When installing the trigger to the action, the pins aligned perfectly.

I CAN NOT, for the life of me find the cause for the trigger binding. So, having become a "little frustrated" ;) I decided I'd remove the Timney and reinstall the XMark Pro trigger. Now, not a single issue with the old trigger.

Any ideas???
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Re: Trigger Question

Postby Hoot » Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:06 pm

Regardless of the quality trigger, when you put the action back in the stock, do you use a torque wrench to tighten the action screws, or just use the armstrong method?

I always use the same torque, as recommended (usually) by the manufacturer. If you ae using a torque wrench, try using a few inch pounds more or less and I'm thinking more since the problem manifests after a few strong recoil impulses. It might take some experimenting to see what your rig likes in this caliber, despite having a bedded block. I'm assuming you don't feel anything touching the action as you ease it in. It would not be beyond the realm of possibility that some innocent looking spot that's close to the action, might just flex enough when tightened to touch something. Lastly is chacking that blocks adhesion into the stock. They're supposed to be in there like granite but crap happens sometimes. With the action, trigger gaurd, swivels, anything other than the block that could buzz, off the stock, hold it lightly and tap it with a rubber mallet in different places. Listen for buzzing or hopefully not rattling sounds. It should just ring a little from the impact briefly. No other sounds.

Those are just the things I've found troubleshooting rifles with that kind of issue, over the years. Something's giving during recoil and staying that way until you remove and remount it where it's supposed to be.

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Re: Trigger Question

Postby ENCORE » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:17 am

Thanks for the reply HOOT.

Yes I use a torque wrench. I also did try a little lighter torque but did not try a tighter torque. I dropped the rifle butt on the carpet 3 or 4 times at the work bench, which didn't cause the issue in the house. I will take your advice and remove the stock and check the block for tightness.

Its not that I can't shoot the XMark Pro trigger with accuracy, as I've shot on a good day a 1" 300yd group with the rifle and that trigger. Its just that I dislike the trigger pull and prefer a lighter smoother pull. I guess what's driving me nuts, is I just can't determine why when the Timney is installed, it starts binding someplace that I just can't find. The wife tells me I 'should leave well enough alone', but ......
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