max c.o.l. with bolt action rifle

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max c.o.l. with bolt action rifle

Postby gmstack » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:55 pm

I made up a dummy cartridge with a parker match/hunter 300gr bullet the c. o.l. is 2.555 and it feeds smoothly thru action of ruger American ranch rifle and fits comfortably in magazine. HOWEVER.. would the pressure created with a loaded cartridge be excessive ??????????
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Re: max c.o.l. with bolt action rifle

Postby Al in Mi » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:54 pm

I've shot a few of the 275gr BE's from my 700, have to check but was with 300mp and 1680.
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Re: max c.o.l. with bolt action rifle

Postby Hoot » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:40 pm

Kinda off topic but relevant: I've been experimenting with my 260 Remington the past two or three weekends, trying to find the load that is one enlarged hole at 100 yds for 5 shots. Part of that effort included seating the bullets long, so that they kissed the rifling, then working back to where the groups tighten up. With them loaded to the rifling, for the same charge weight, the velocity was lower, which equates to lower pressure. I was given a box of Peterson SRP 260 Rem brass to review. Their cases, like Lapua, have slightly thicker walls, which reduces the volume inside the case, along with how deep you seat the bullet. My velocities went up about 100 fps over the thinner walled RP brass, regardless of where the bullet was seated. In either case, thicker walls or shorter COL, the pressure and resultant velocity increases. Longer COL and thinner walls, it drops. The unspoken advantage to loading them long is that you can also fit more powder in the case before the bullet jams up against it, within the pressure limitations of the caliber. Not that they always perform better in terms of accuracy when they're cranked up as fast as safely possible. Its nice when that happens but it must be approached with careful and consistent loading technique. At the critical edge, everything matters.

Having a bolt action or single shot doesn't mean the maximum pressure is endless, just higher than an autoloader.

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