16” Ruger vs 25” CVA muzzle velocity

I know of one so far, let's see if more show up.

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Re: 16” Ruger vs 25” CVA muzzle velocity

Postby Jimmy Valentine » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:08 pm

Has anybody seen this page, or am I late to the party with this link?


They check velocities of a couple loads while slicing inch-long pieces off their Encore barrels, from long down to big handgun size.

I'm not certain how meaningful their test is. Seems to me there would be several other loads that may tell a different story, and they wasted good barrels and a sack of hacksaw blades. Maybe just a promotional stunt? Of course, I don't know how long ago they did this, could be older than drinkin' water. I know I'd try to wring more data out of a gun prior to such major surgery, but then, I don't own a barrel factory.

I know most of you guys shoot ARs, Rugers, and the like (i.e., not longer barrels) and load accordingly. The CVA is still pretty new on the scene, but what powders may be more useful in its longer barrel? Not looking to compete with my .22-250, but I may as well use the whole barrel if I reasonably can. Is the case capacity sufficient for the slower powders to be of any benefit? And by "useful" and "benefit" I mean a couple hundred more fps for a flatter trajectory without a dangerous boost in pressure. Again, not that I need it, but if I'm going to lug that 25" pipe around, I may as well use all of it. Just not yet found much data specific to this barrel length.

Or, should I just convert the last few inches into a DeWalt brake?

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Re: 16” Ruger vs 25” CVA muzzle velocity

Postby Al in Mi » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:59 am

Yea that was posted right after they did those test, but always nice to be refreshed ;)

There has been very little data with the longer barrels, but with my 22" barreled 700, factory ammo was a bit over 2400fps which is close to what MGM shows. Recalling my memory from back 09/010, with factory ammo in the factory Bushmaster uppers, there was about 125fps difference between my 20" and 16" with the 16" being pretty close to the speced out 2200fps.

Their 300gr data, Lilgun would've been my last pick for powder. I'm sure if it was reran with 296/H110, 300MP, 1680, the results would've been much different with the slower burning powders to about the 18" point.

One of our members here has a 26" Encore and he's carefully taken the 200gr Barnes close to 2800fps with no issues. So I wouldn't look to be chopping up your barrel anytime soon, or at least till you wring her out some.
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