Buffer for Bushy AR pistol

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Buffer for Bushy AR pistol

Postby Smithjdsr » Tue Nov 14, 2023 8:37 pm

Short version: is a T2 buffer appropriate for a 10.5” AR Bushy pistol?

Back story: I have a Bushy pistol upper and a 350 L pistol upper. (Iowa allows pistols during the late muzzleloader season, AR pistols included.) Both pistols have taken deer. But I only have two lowers, one of which is on a 300AAC in the bedroom wall safe. During deer season, the AAC loses its lower- not ideal. So I’m building another dedicated lower for the deer pistols. I have been running both deer pistols with standard buffers, but when I went to scavenge parts for the new lower, I discovered a pistol buffer/tube that I never used with a T2 buffer (Spike’s Tactical). So, do I build the lower with the T2 buffer for the Bushy, or the 350 L, or put the T2 away again and run two standard buffers? I’ve seen that 350 L likes a slightly heavier buffer but what about the Bushy?

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Re: Buffer for Bushy AR pistol

Postby plant_one » Fri Nov 24, 2023 1:03 pm

for the 350L you're gonna want at least a T2 if not a T3/H3.

you'll appreciate the extra weight when it comes to the recoil impulse.

also - likewise for the gas burp from like a 5.56, etc

300blk wil appreciate more like a T2/H2 for most pistol setups. but for basicanlly anything else, run the T3/H3 weight clase (5.4oz range)

do appreciate that the AR system was origionally designed to run with approx a 5.2oz rifle buffer.

most "modern" carbines come with the light carbine buffer (3.0-3.2 oz) and are intentionally over gassed for reliability - manufacturer's hedging against sh!t ammo basically. NOBODY Wants to sell an upper that wont cycle because of someone grabbing a box of tula right and then blaming it on the rifle/upper.

i run h3's as my standard buffer in basically anything these days, and even go heavyier in a few setups - my 450 bushmaster typically runs with a 5.4oz h3 AND +4oz with Hoots CCCW slug in the bolt. i have an 8.5oz XH i run in my 9mm setups and have run it with multiple other uppers(223, 350L, 450bm, 6.5 grendel)

the only thing i'm running H2(4.6oz)/h1(3.8oz) weight range in is my 300 blk carbine. i would go to 3.0oz carbine weight if i wasnt shooting suppressed.

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