Looking for 250gr Monoflex data

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Re: Looking for 250gr Monoflex data

Postby Pig_Popper » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:18 am


Here is an update on the 250 grain Monoflex - I am seeing consistent groupings and the spread is reasonable all the way out to 200 yards for Texas pig hunting.

At times we will come upon pigs in cattle hay rings at 30 yards, we have a blind at 100 yards that we hunt regularly (in fact I posted a video in the Trophy conference on the first kill with this load) and then we do overwatch on a hay field that is 500x500 yards that at times the closest I can get is 200 yards to a group (sounder of hogs).

Point being I need to know where my bullet is going to strike at a given distance at night.
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