Heavy Cast bullets in 450BM ???

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Heavy Cast bullets in 450BM ???

Postby Camp Cook » Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:50 am

I just received my Ruger American in 450 BM earlier this week I have been shooting 45 Colt and 454 Casull for years.

I have over 2000 .452" bullets from 200gr FTX - 535gr WLNGC's on the shelf that I'm wanting to play with.

I have been able to find a fair amount of load data for 200gr - 300gr bullets but nothing for 345gr and heavier cast gas checked bullets.

Has anyone experimented with 345gr and heavier cast bullet loads especially 405gr and 535gr bullets in the 450BM.

Any info - thoughts will be totally appreciated.
Camp Cook
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