Light plinking loads

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Re: Light plinking loads

Postby Hoot » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:23 am

Thanks Bob;

Long time no see!

I admit, I haven't used any of those three powders in my pursuits but 35gr of Enforcer pushing the 200 FTX with a COL of 2.19, models nicely as a mild pressure (28k) but still fast (2250fps) load, using QL. Keeping the pressure similarly mild does not calculate out to an acceptable fill percentage (personal preference) with Accurate 9. Going for mild pressure similar to the above Enforcer recipe using Accurate 5744 throws a lot of unburned powder out of the muzzle. When playing what-if, I've eyed Enforcer before over the years but it didn't seem to bring anything to the table that Lil Gun couldn't (28k, 2400fps, 90% fill, 98% burned) and I have too many bottles of powder as it is already, so I never pursued it.

Good to hear from you
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