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Re: FTX Bullets Comparison

Postby Camp Cook » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:58 pm

Was raining crazy hard today so did not go to gun club I did drive up my local mtn and ran my dogs though so I took the 450 BM with me.

I had installed a Leupold VX2 2-7x33 LR reticle scope so my main desire today was to sight in the scope used my 240gr XTP-Mag LilGun loads.

I have removed the muzzle brake this little cannon has a bit of recoil no I'm not recoil shy I shoot a 300RUM & 375RUM and 4 different 45-70's scope is now zero'ed at 50 yards but plan is to use the 225gr FTX and 250gr FTX out to 250 yards.

I just loaded 10 225gr FTX with 34grs AA#9 looking at a reduced recoil load for my wife to shoot I'll try them out this afternoon if it stops raining.

My club has 4 40' shipping containers side by side and two deep when they first put them in muzzle blast was crazy loud they have now installed thick insulation so no more issues.

I live in British Columbia, Canada so may encounter T Rex well bears anyway we have lots of black bears appr 320,000 this is appr 1/2 of Canada's entire black bear population we also have a lot of grizzlies the anti's won't admit it they emotionally spew less than 10,000 but those in the know know there are over 30,000 we just had a change of government that emotionally to give back to their socialist voters agenda banned grizzly hunting so there will be far more in a couple years.

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