Wally World kneels to Obama

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Wally World kneels to Obama

Postby commander faschisto » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:45 pm

Following the "d**kless" Dick's Sporting Goods model of courage, Wally World just suspended ammo purchases:

http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/wal-mart-sus ... g=politics :evil:
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Re: Wally World kneels to Obama

Postby MOUNTIN DU » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:04 pm

:? i suspended ALL purchases from WalMart about 10yrs ago. :x they create micro-economies around thier stores to drive down wages; including thier own, so those people can only afford to shop there. then they force suppliers to outsource to china so they can drive thier own profits up! they can go out of business and it wouldn't affect me a bit! :evil:
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Re: Wally World kneels to Obama

Postby bushmeister » Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:20 pm

They may be kneeling to a higher power than Obama..... Perhaps it's just what the Chinese prefer that they do!!
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Re: Wally World kneels to Obama

Postby Jim in Houston » Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:06 pm

Sort of an empty gesture, I think, since no one can get ammo now anyway. The press statement indicated that they would reconsider their decision pending whatever comes out of Wash DC tomorrow. Reconsider, not necessarily change.
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