Calling Al in Mi, or .45 Raptor Bolt Guys In General

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Calling Al in Mi, or .45 Raptor Bolt Guys In General

Postby fatbastard » Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:28 pm

My dad jumped on a sale Satern had a while back and got a .45 Raptor barrel for a Savage. A few weeks later, he scored a rough looking Savage .308 rifle from a pawn shop that would provide the action. MDT had a smoking deal on LSS chassis last week so we ordered one. The MDT LSS works with either a stagger feed or center feed Savage action (the only difference being the screw pattern apparently) and uses Accuracy International patterned magazines. I am familiar with the MDT LSS and Magpul AICS mags as I have a Savage FCP-SR in .308 that I dropped into one.
I was wondering if the Accuracy International mags would need to be modified like the AR-10 mags to perform in a bolt action. He and I both have AR-10's in .45 raptor so we both own modified mags for that purpose. We both handload for our Raptors and I recommended right off the bat that he stick with the Barnes 200 gr designed for the 460 S&W due to it's profile. I have seen the Youtube videos on modifying mags for the AR-10 as well but haven't looked recently to see if that mod would work on an AI mag.
I just wanted to see what your experiences were with bolt action Raptors if they are mag fed.
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Re: Calling Al in Mi, or .45 Raptor Bolt Guys In General

Postby Al in Mi » Sun Dec 08, 2019 8:11 am

Mine started out as a Accustock model 11 308 scout with 10rd Savage mags. 7 Raptor rounds will fit in those mags but you need to take it apart and blend in some sharp edges on the follower and plastic mag box. Worked fine with 308 rounds, but must be the way the straight wall cases stack that gave me issues.

This year I opted to use the regular flush mags which hold 3rds, no hiccups feeding 200gr Barnes at 2.350oal from either setup.

I don't have any 308 size AICS mags to try, but see no reasons they would have problems based off the way my WSM mags feed.
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