More Dragon Slayers...

AR15, AK47, FAL, Bolt, Hangun, etc... If I find we need it I will expand this forum.

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More Dragon Slayers...

Postby MOUNTIN DU » Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:04 pm

this Buffalo Classic is so accurate it takes crows at 180yds from my deer stand. Only 2 deer have fallen, both at just over 160yds. It sports a 50yr old vintage Weaver scope.


More Dragon Slayers...
...the SKS is a 30yr old pre ban Norinco never issued arsenal weapon, all milled parts, matching #'s with 20rd factory mag & blade bayonnet. It still has cosmolene packed in the cleaning kit and stock.


this is a Springfield Aug '45 M1 Garand with all original parts... reciever, bolt, barrel, trigger assy all match ser#. bore is in good condition(shoots well). the mag follower & strap were probably replaced before I purchased it 35yrs ago. No "visible" arsenal stamp on stock though!

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