Dies, powder and brass recommendations, please.

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Re: Dies, powder and brass recommendations, please.

Postby plant_one » Thu Jul 21, 2022 1:15 pm

300 yards is really pushing the capabilities of this cartridge/caliber.

because of the case OAL - our powder capacity, and therefore velocity is limited, which puts us below the minimum expansion threshold of nearly any bullet made at those ranges.

friend learned the hard way last year on a doe, quartering towards, he put a 250 ftx right into the base of her neck. the bullet hit the inside of her shoulder blade right at the spine, rode the backstrap all the way down, can came out the back end like a reverse texas heart shot. Thankfully she ran towards him and he was able to put her down at a closer distance with a good follow up shot. pretty much toasted a whole backstrap in the process. no jacket or core recovery. exit was essentially the same size as the entrance, so no expansion at all. 45 caliber ice pick job. :o
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