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Re: Chronograph ???

Postby kklatt450 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:26 am

i got a magneto speed sporter which works great I wish they would up date their app so your info would store on the app. I also have the Caldwell even thou it's way less expensive than magneto speed I've seen little to no change in fps between the two it also has a great app that stores all your info + you can add a pic of your target to your info which is all stored on the app. no emailing info to yourself after each group you shoot like they magneto chronographs
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Re: Chronograph ???

Postby plant_one » Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:44 am

the harmonics thing does kind of suck - it was really the biggest bummer about the unit once it dawned on me, but the rail adapter helps if you have a handguard that gets you close to the edge. unfortunately it doesnt fit all railed pistols either - my first gen XD is a prime example.

i have two firearms that the rail adapter works awesome for because of barrel/handguard length - one is my 9" pistol, the other is a 16" barrel with an extended rifle length handguard.

and honestly, since i enjoy shooting i dont see it as too much of an issue to go back and gather data after i've proven a load.

in regards to magneto's data - i do wish they would stop using CSV values. it makes taking their data from its default format on the V3 to straight line spreadsheet tricky at best. I have to use an intermediary program to delineate the unnecessary line breaks out of the info. a little bit of keyboard magic combine with some software voodoo gets you to where you can manipulate it like proper dataset easily enough though. i think i spend about 5 mins per batch of data i download off the microSD card every time i get back from the range.

to me at least , the pro's heavily outweigh the con's.

the new radar based stuff is amazing - and is doing wonderful things to the shooting community (hornady's new ELD stuff and figuring out the tip material issue just as one example) - but as mentioned the price point makes it all but untouchable for any but industry professionals, really serious shooters and those with relatively deep pockets anyway. Hopefully as the technology progresses we'll see the price point come down significantly.
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Re: Chronograph ???

Postby kklatt450 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:27 pm

If you wish to use the rail adapter you need the v3 model for some reason it won't fit the sporter.
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Re: Chronograph ???

Postby Jim in Houston » Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:54 pm

Cutright wrote:How useful/necessary are chronographs. I've been reading a lot of pros and cons on them and while I think they would be fun to have, I'm not sure how important they are if you're not shooting over 300 yards

I would say necessary if you reload; not at all necessary if you don't.

For reloaders, a chrono is one way to measure the consistency of your reloading process, and to confirm your powder, bullet, or primer selection, or the success of your reloading techniques, like the type of crimp.

For non reloaders, a good chrono will set you back the price of at least three or four boxes of ammo for the 450 BM. At the range, it takes time to set up and adjust, usually during the ceasefire period, when others are changing targets and you might want to be, too. Then there is the question of what you do with the data. Basically, you will be checking the factory spec of the ammo your using - over and over again.
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Re: Chronograph ???

Postby MarkCO » Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:43 am

I agree on the necessary if you reload, not if you don't.

I am not sure there is a Chronograph I have not shot over and I own three currently and have owned 5 others. I do a good amount of testing and shooting over chronographs, so my experience is a little different than a guy who goes and uses a chrono a few times a year.

My current favorites are at the opposite ends of the spectrum pricewise. The Caldwell ($80, or $120 in the premium kit) and the LabRadar ($550). Every other one mentioned in this thread I have owned, and sold for various reasons. The Caldewell is consistent, easy to use and set up and does all the math and all the data is on my smartphone. I have been using it for about a year now and have never had anything but smiles. The LabRadar is the absolute easiest to use at the range, and the data is on an SD card. It allows me to true BCs and do other analysis no other system does.

I honestly see no reason to get anything other than the Caldwell for the majority of people who would use a Chronograph. They did it right keeping it under $100. Compared to Pact, CED, Competition Electronics and Chrony, the Caldwell does everything they do, and in some cases more, and is less finicky. I would have no problem using it exclusively as it faults much less than the others. If you shoot a lot over a Chronograph, the LabRadar is the bomb.
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