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Postby Chris P Bacon » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:05 pm

Cutright wrote:I am new to this so sorry for the stupid questions, but what is the purpose of the subsonic "craze"? I understand that they are quieter, but what are the other reasons, if any?

Great question Cutright....One example that comes immediately to mind is (for hog hunting anyway), to try to control the direction in which the animals run on the initial shot. To try to drive them closer towards you (rather than away) so you can get off more shots. As it's easier to hit 'em closer than it is farther away.

If you are runnin' suppressed, and shooting subs, you're so quiet that when a bullet strikes a pig, that impact should be the loudest thing the hogs hear, THHuuhWHOPPPP! If you shoot one in the rear of the formation, it ideally will spook the leader (alpha sow) towards you, with the rest in tow.

Normally (unsupressed) you take the alpha sow immediately, and take pop shots at the rest as they run away from the loud report of your blasts. They know where the shots are coming from, simply because you're not suppressed.

But running suppressed, you leave her alone on the first shot. Rather shoot the one furthest away, and when she hears the direction of that impact coming from behind her, hopefully she leads the whole sounder towards you. When they get as close as you feel comfortable with, your next shot should be at her. Then the followers don't know what in the hell to do 'cause she's down. So they run around sometimes trying to sniff her scent out (as she is the leader, and her scent is a big part of what they use at night to keep from getting separated from the group). Often times the lil roasters, piglets, will return to her scent. Again allowing you to exterminate more of the destructive pests (that taste delicious by the way) :D

I'm rambling, so I can sum it up by linking you to a guy that's has it down to an art form.
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