Tried some new bullets

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Tried some new bullets

Postby Smithjdsr » Sun May 19, 2019 10:50 am

They’re not for Bushy, but—

I got 1000 Bob’s Bullets ... 000-count/
They aren’t the very cheapest, but at 8 cents, they’re pretty close. The thing is, they shoot almost like match grade bullets. (A friend did a complete write-up if you’re interested.) I was also testing my first ever .223 reloads, and a new sight. (I know, “too many variables at once” I used to be a chemist. But during monsoon season, when you’re about to get poured on at any second, you do what you can.)

My heavier rounds cycled (chambered & ejected) very well. The lightest end of the bracket ejected but wouldn’t chamber the next round. The sight is a cheap red dot that I got to try “Zombie Shoots” at my local range- not really a 100 yd sight for me as I prefer an actual scope. I’m still impressed. And these Bob’s Bullets all went through the same hole at 100 yds out of a Ruger No.1 (no pic- raining by then).


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