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Re: Any 10mm Loaders out there?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:45 am
by Texas Sheepdawg
offrink wrote:
Texas Sheepdawg wrote:Thanks guys. Mom is hanging in there but she’s gotten worse. She’s not eating very well and has pretty much stopping talking. She now in hospice care back in her memory care unit.
As for me, I’ll worry more about my health later. I’m just taking a ton of vitamins and herbal suppliments and this seems to have worked well for me so far.

If you have time I wouldn’t mind an update. Been thinking about you guys and hoping everything is going well.

We good. We’ve just been super busy around the farm and at work. I’ve been stocking up on reloading supplies and doing a ton of case prep on several different calibers. About to load up some 450 Bushmaster. We had family out for Labor Day grilling and range session. So that means a stack of rifles to be cleaned. Shot my little S&W Bodyguard 380ACP and that was fun. Also, I did shoot the G21 SF 10mm the other day just as a function test for the new sights and new KKM barrel. Shot this at 75 feet. Only shot 4 times. One of the shots is barely on the cardboard on the right side. “Ear removal shot” LOL. I had to stop shooting because the thunderstorm was coming in and it actually blew the target off the stand after the fourth shot.
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