275 TSX for Black Bear

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Re: 275 TSX for Black Bear

Postby Al in Mi » Thu Jul 16, 2020 4:19 pm

Recoil should be less. Unless you run into a big big blackie, that 200gr I'd have confidence in.

For reference, that spring bear in my avatar went a bit over 525#. Used a 50 Alaskan on him thou.
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Re: 275 TSX for Black Bear

Postby Bmt85 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:02 pm

With my 16" Bushmaster upper that I sold off a while back, I worked up stout loads for the 275 TSX and decently hot loads for the 200 XPB. Could have gone a little higher with the 200 XPB but I knew I wouldn't be shooting past 50yds, and it had great accuracy at that load. There is a good bit of difference in recoil between the 2. I took my 275 TSX load on my bear hunt in Maine a few years back, and the results were incredible!

I would agree with AL, the 200 XPB should be fine, as long as you're not going after a really big black bear. I would crank up the loads though, it has a higher expansion velocity, and poor B.C.

Also look into a limbsaver or similar pad for the rifle. I have one on my 450B AR, and it makes a difference.
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Re: 275 TSX for Black Bear

Postby cljohnson24 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 1:27 pm

Well we worked up our 275TSX load to 2165fps with great accuracy and the kid said recoil was less than factory Hornady 250's. Kid and I loaded 40 more and crimped them beautifully until we went to put the scale away and noticed we loaded them on the wrong graduation so all of them were 5 grains short charged...DOH!! Pulled one and confirmed we in fact short charged them all. Had the kid pull them all down. The bullets have visible crimp marks so I decided re-purpose them for my MZ instead of re-working up with a shorter or longer OAL to avoid the same crimp indentations. I noticed these 2 boxes were slightly smaller diameter at .450 vs the older box I had which measured .451" and you could feel the difference in neck tension when seating the bullet.. Matters not because a few weeks back I picked upa box of Barnes Vortex Factory 250 TTSX's and tested them. They chrono'd 2165fps with an nice 1.2" group off a single bag. After some consideration of my options with reloading the 275's and keeping velocity above 2000fps, I decided to buy 2 more boxes of the 250 TTSX's as they were softer shooting and I would think offer earlier expansion. They also have the same exact POI as the 275's and 250 FTX's at 65 yds where we will be zeroing..

When I got this ammo awhile back I pulled one and it had 36.2gr of what looks identical to H110 at COL of 2.245" The bullet is a boattail base with the relief grooves more northward than the 275TSX's. The Tip is huge and many have compared it to the 250 Rem MZ bullets with grooves added.
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Re: 275 TSX for Black Bear

Postby offrink » Tue Aug 18, 2020 12:33 pm

Good info and glad you caught that oops! I had a friend who didn’t catch ones on a 10mm and had the coal 0.020” to short and cracked the frame.
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