Need a good hole-puncher?

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Need a good hole-puncher?

Postby commander faschisto » Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:15 pm

For no particular reason other than idle curiosity, I bought a couple boxes of Remington UMC "LeadLess" pistol rounds the other day. They come in 9mm, .40cal, and 45ACP flavors at the moment. Apparently, they're for indoor range use where they don't want any exposed lead on the hot side (wussies!)...anyway, they're constructed sort of upside-down from normal: heavy copper jacket encloses the base, sides, and up to the nose, where there is about a half-caliber piece of exposed lead at the tip. In profile, they look like an FMJ round-nose with a little bit of the tip cut off flat.

I set up my water jug holding jig and launched a 147gr 9mm at them from a Marlin carbine from about 15 feet. The first jug did the usual explosion thing, but the other seven just started slowly draining down to where the boolit had ventilated them. The slug had gone through all eight water jugs and knocked a quarter-sized by 1/4" deep chunk of wood out of the backing board. I found the slug in the last jug, completely un-expanded or deformed by its trip through the test jig and off the backer board. :shock: If I could polish off the micro-groove rifling marks, it could be loaded and fired again, I'm sure.

So, if you really feel the need to use a pistol for maximum penetration purposes, this UMC "LeadLess" stuff seems to be the best hole-puncher out there!
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Re: Need a good hole-puncher?

Postby Texas Sheepdawg » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:32 am

Definitely not a CCW choice! Geesh!
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