SLIP 2000 lubricant...amazing stuff!

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SLIP 2000 lubricant...amazing stuff!

Postby commander faschisto » Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:16 pm

I knew about Slip 2000 from a while back, but had never tried it. Got a little sample tube of it from somewhere and finally tried it...they aren't kidding when they call it "Slip"...quite exceptional as a lubricant, and not just for gun use (if you use "wet" lube on whatever)...I tried it on several hand and power tools, where it worked just as well. Very "creepy" too...use just a tiny bit on parts, because this stuff will weasel its way into all the nooks and crannies and joints, etc...I put a "normal" amount of it into the pivot on some box-joint pliers, and it crawled out of the joints for a couple days, had to keep wiping it off. Haven't tried it as such, but it probably is a good penetrating oil as well, based on the way it finds its way through pretty much any small space. This is not like CLP; it doesn't evaporate.
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