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450 Bushmaster

Postby go2boats » Sun Sep 02, 2018 1:32 pm

Ok...looking for some help and advice here...

I have a 450 Bushmaster 20" in camo.....I'm moving back to Calif .for a while....Need a Calif legal lower...I bought the Cross Armory Quick pins and Mag release...they work great on other AR's....they won't fit on two of mine for some clearance reason...So...does anyone know where I can get a sliding CAMO stock to replace my current full buttstock with..? I would like to keep it all in camo if possible...Any and all suggestions are welcome. I do have a call in to Cross and Bushmaster and will follow up on Monday.

Completely rediculous hoops to jump through but if I want to use it in Calif I must comply...I won't bring anything into state until I can find a fix for this.....

The other option would be to buy another lower that is Calif legal but that is a pricey way to go and not an option at this point....and who makes a decent one...?

Thanks......I appreciate the depth of knowledge that posts on here.....been a blessing....
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