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Re: Post Office and slow deliveries

Postby plant_one » Tue Oct 26, 2021 12:09 pm

the entire shipping industry is in chaos right now, not just mail/package delivery.

welcome to our newest manufactured crisis.

and this is clearly manufactured. the peoples rebublik of commiefornia made it illegal for trucks older than 3 years to pickup shipping containers at their ports last fall - and the EPA gave it the seal of approval to the CARB regulations which fined and shut down non-california based trucks that were non compliant from operating there..

this eliminates roughly 50% of the fleet trucks and nearly all owner operators in the nation from touching cargo in the peoples republik of commiefornia.

compliant trucks have been busy shuttling things to the cali border to switch out to trucks who cant enter the state, but theres just not enough trucks and drivers out there to pull it off with the current limitations.

lets go brandon.
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