Tommy Gun 450 Upper

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Tommy Gun 450 Upper

Postby Gryphon » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:38 am

Well I got to thinking about the ole Tommy Gun and the Cutt's Compensator. I wondered if the Cutt's Compensator would work on the 450 BM. 45 ACP and 450 BM both .0451/.452 Caliber, so why not? I ordered a Cutt's Compensator from Auto Ordnance. I took the last 0.875" bull barrel we had rat-holed away put it on.

I must say after test firing it at the range, I think the Cutt’s Comp is really effective. At least as effective as the Ross brake. This upper is for sale up on our site and it makes me want to do some further experimentation with this type of brake. ... ommyUp.htm
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