Muzzle jump VS recoil.

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Muzzle jump VS recoil.

Postby CJP1 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:56 pm

I took my RAR 450 BM to the range along with my Savage 270 WSM and old Knight American 50 cal ML. All three rifles have synthetic stocks. After a side by side by side comparison of the three rifles, I have come to these conclusions. The Ruger with or without the muzzle brake is jumper but not alot of felt recoil. The Savage with no muzzle brake has quite a bit of felt recoil but not much muzzle jump. The Knight is much less of a jumper because of the heavy barrel and less felt recoil than both the other rifles. I also believe the RAR 450 BM is no scope killer. My Savage 270 WSM on the other hand may kill a scope given the chance.
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